Haute Pink

Look what I found balled up in the corner of my sock drawer! I haven’t worn these tights since Freshman year when I used to dress like a pack of skittles lol. Well, when the weather is schizo like it is here in DC you have to leave the house prepared for every type of weather imaginable; rain, sun, or high wind. Tuesday was one of those tricky days when the sun was out but so were my goosebumps. Not cold enough for a pea coat but certainly too cold to forget the season, it’s still Winter even though I can feel Spring creeping its way into the atmosphere.

F21 Dress...Target Tights...Steve Madden Combat Boots...thrifted wool socks





These tights were a great reminder to everyone that a burst of color can really brighten up a gray sky!

Peace and Blessings,




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