CourtneyNicohle / INSPIRED

Strictly Vintage

I love waking up in the morning and getting dressed for work like an adult, it’s almost fun for me in a way. Being downtown in the hustle and bustle of working executives, rush hour traffic, and the city literally waking up I get an adrenaline rush to fit right into what is going on around me.

Even when I go into the office I stay true to my personal style of an old soul living in a new age. I love vintage clothing and jewelry, the character these pieces possess is so unique.

Wanting to be very minimal, Monday’s theme for me was “Less is More”, sometimes I over do it with color, accessories, and my overall palette. Mission accomplished. These 80s Levis are so comfortable, my friends call them my “mom” jeans, the high waist adds drama and the cropped bottom allow me to show off cute heels and random socks, just the way I like. The blazer polished my ensemble and balanced out the gaudy jewelery which I felt I needed because at first it was bleeding boredom.

Midterms are finally over so I can come out of hiding! Spring Break has arrived and although I won’t be traveling outside of the District I’m ready to find some mischief to get into. Chao :*

Peace and Blessings,



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