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Happy St. Patty’s Day

I am extremely late posting this but due to some unforeseen problems with my camera I am so behind on posts!

St. Patrick’s Day was a blast for me nonetheless. I love the spirit evoked by this holiday because although it may mean something in other countries, here in America it’s a celebration of having good time on a random occasion. Oddly enough people are so much more festive, dressing in green so as not to get pinched, going to Happy Hour, and from what I’ve experienced everyone is generally in a great mood.

Thrifted boys cropped sweater....F21 navy blouse....vintage watch and clutch...


I found this Ireland sweater in the little boys section of the thrift store and was so excited when it fit! I incorporated this holiday straight into my Spring Break spending the entire day in midtown D.C. soaking up every bit of the 75 degrees. I visited the National Geographic Museum, discovered a new consignment shop, and window shopped for row houses with a friend. The day ended in laughter and joy of course no complaints from me 🙂


Peace and Blessings



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