Empire State of Mind

Thelma and Louise. New York City.24 hours. 1 full day. No hotel. Just friends and locals and experiences.

These words don’t fully describe the best trip I’ve ever had to New York, but they sum up so much more it’s quite ridiculous actually lol. I stayed in the District for spring break this year and I needed to get a breath of fresh air from the same surroundings plus I hadn’t seen my friend JJ in 2 years; needless to say a trip to NY was long overdue especially since it’s a 4 hour bus ride for $20. Sign me up!


Amber and I  arrived in NYC Saturday morning, literally watching the city come alive right before our eyes. Our first stop was food and from there we allowed the wind to guide our every step. From Central Park to Roosevelt Park, Times Square to the Subway, and back again. JJ, Kerwin, and Joey were our tour guides and I would recommend anyone that is visiting to hang out with people actually from the city it will amplify your trip x1000! I’m never a traditional traveler though, I hate seeing all the typical crap everyone marvels over, just let me be a native and I promise I’ll fall in love with anyone’s territory.

We left at 9 am Sunday morning. Cold, tired, and slightly hyper. But we did it, NYC  the city that never sleeps for one night only.


Peace and Blessings,


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