CourtneyNicohle / Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking

The warmth is still trying to make it self known around the District, and no matter how slow it creeps in I can’t help but to fawn over my soon to be Spring/Summer wardrobe and outfit combos. While rummaging through storage buckets yesterday I came across my shoe bin {yes I have a bin full of sandals!} needless to say I will not be purchasing anymore flat sandals; it’s strictly heels and wedges for me from here on out! I love the sexy comfort that exudes from a nice pair of summer height. These are currently on my must-have list for purchase.

1. WILDD by Steve Madden $129.95

2. Claudine Platform by Alloy $36.90

3. Jade Wedge by Alloy $36.90

4. Jacqueline Clog by Alloy $39.90

5. Simone Platform by Alloy $36.90

I plan to purchase #3 for graduation, LOVE! Peace and blessings Fashionistas.

Stay Flyy, Live Flyyer


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