CourtneyNicohle / INSPIRED

Inspired:: Victoria Beckham

It has been awhile FLYY people! I have been extremely tied down with school and social celebratory festivities for the past 3 weeks, so excuse my leave of absence. But in the mean time I hope you have been staying flyy and living flyyer because our featured inspiration for the day definitely has.

Mrs. Victoria Beckham is hands down one of my favorite fashionistas. Maybe it’s the ensembles, perhaps the hair cut, or possibly the fact that she’s had 3 children is currently pregnant and still is about as FLYY as they come.

She has a delicate chic, prim and proper taste that she exudes very well on a daily basis. I’ve always felt she was gorg and dressed well but after seeing photos of her and David at the Royal Wedding, I had to give her a spot on my Fashion Icon list.

staying FLYY


Keep striving and surviving fashionistas! Much love peace and blessings



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