Concrete Jungle


Memorial Day was time well spent in the great city of New York. This time I stayed in Brooklyn with a friend of a friend and it was great! Riding the train alone for the first time…interesting and definitely not as confusing as I thought it would be. But still drastically different from DC. Friday morning we arrived and spent a hazy, hot day enjoying Hangover II, drinks, and later Club Taj.



outfit :: earrings x Flea market... Romper x H&M... Denim Boots x Vintage


Saturday was a cultural experience in Brooklyn where we attended an outdoor African Festival with various ethnic foods, loads of handcrafted jewelry, and clothes that would make any African American proud of our roots….I absolutely loved it! The culture in Brooklyn is great, I kept saying I felt like I was on the set of Spike Lee Joint the entire time lol.

The final day we spent Uptown viewing a breathtaking Knoll exhibit at the Bard Graduate Center, grabbing great food from another outdoor festival and eating lunch in Central Park. The more trips I take to the Big Apple, the more people I meet and the more fun I have.

Summer is only just beginning!





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