LA Events / lesliecamille

Summer To-Do List

Last summer I spent plenty of time at the beach, working, and milling about town. This summer I’m setting a list of things I want to do in order to have a summer I shan’t soon forget:

1. Take a drive along the coast to Santa Barbara – As a California girl it’s a shame I haven’t done this since I was a mere 14 year old girl camping with my middle school friends.

2. Explore some new eateries like this this and this ….

3. Spend a weekend in Palm Springs with my girls while we sip mojitos by this pool

4. Visit some different beaches in LA, I always tend to end up the same places

5. Learn how to grill! I want grilled salmon & fruit! (Borrowed from Emily @ Cupcakes & Cashmere)

I’m super excited about this summer and can’t wait to share all of my adventures here, what do you FLYY people have planned??




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