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INSPIRED :: Nicole Richie

The once wild party girl who we watched prance throughout Los Angeles with her blonde haired companion has gone to beautiful, well dressed mother of two; Nicole Richie continues to make 60s & 70s inspired fashion current with every step she takes. Truly I can’t get enough! Nicole shows us that motherhood does not mean matronly nor does it mean style does out of the window. Let’s take a closer look.

Even going to the gym Nicole knows how to channel style, I can appreciate this. Though I must admit I am not a fan of women coming to the gym dolled up to the nines, it does not mean you have to look like you just rolled out of bed.

Everything about this outfit screams perfect to me. Many attempt the tights beneath the jean shorts look and many fail, but Nicole shows here how it can be done. Opaque tights are key with this trend. I also enjoy how Nicole kept her makeup simple and her hair dark. Ultra FLYY.

Sleek. Chic. And Sassy. Here Nicole shows that minimal accessories do not make for a dull outfit. There are times when you don’t have to pile on the jewelry in order to make your outfit pop, sometimes you have to let it stand alone & speak for itself.

Music festivals bring out the hippie in most people, what I love most about Richie’s outfit here is that it looks comfortable. If you’ve been to Coachella you know the temps can be hot & steamy so I cool clothing choice is crucial. These choices show balance as Nicole pairs a sheer long sleeved shirt with her short shorts, but even wearing a platform heel she doesn’t look like she’s showing too much skin at all.

Red carpet winner. I love the vampy look Richie pulled off here, I must admit the darker locks work for her extremely well. Flawless face against a dress that sparked, gorgeous.

There are days when the sun doesn’t shine in Southern California, contrary to popular belief, and this outfit it the perfect way to handle the grey skies. Broques. Tights. Knit scarf. The thing I love most about autumn is the option of layering, Nicole has pulled it off successfully here, making her shine amidst the clouds.

Take some tips from Nicole’s FLYY dossier on how to stay FLYY, I know I will.




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