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Hardly Home, Always Reppin


I haven’t been back home in Los Angeles since December; needless to say there are lots of things I miss about the‘BEST COAST’….

1. The Beach- literally my second home during summer months

Laker Tank x F21...Denim x Seven for All x H&M

2. Driving- as absurd as this sounds because of steady traffic horror stories in L.A., I miss hopping in the car and just reaching my destination rather than biking or busing

3. Family/Friends- hitting the streets with L.Camille and my mom is what I miss most about home. We’re always up for an adventure, it’s what we do!

4. Laker Parade- unfortunately the Lakers didn’t participate in the playoffs or finals this year, but you better believe I wore this shirt the night the Mavs won the title. The WEST was going to win in my eyes no matter what lol

I’ll be back in August beloved!

Stay FLYY, Live FLYYER  fashionistas


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