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The Weekend

This past week I literally sat in the house, sitting around the house while summer kind of dwindles by. I’ve been in sort of a funk, a quarter-life crisis you could call it. Although I have passed my quarter year, I am now at the point where job hunting, the fact that I’m not rich, and don’t live on my own, has settled in. Hard. However thank goodness for friends who enjoy adventures and spur of the moment nights on the town.

Friday, my friends and I had an awesome time at a fish fry, which was really a seafood feast and it was every bit as scrumptious as it sounds! Saturday proved to have more fun in store as we ventured to Hotel Erwin to grab a nightcap at the rooftop lounge, High. Beautiful views and great drinks. Be sure to check it out sometime. Then it was off to Bodega in Santa Monica, a great wine bar with great music and an even better wine selection.

Sometimes you just need a good weekend to take your mind off the things life throws your way…




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