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Sounding Off: A Letter…

This post may be a little different than past posts you’ve read here at FlyyCoast2Coast, but it resonates with my heart very strongly. As a magazine lover, subscriber, and follower I have read countless articles discussing beauty tips, makeup trends, and hair how-to’s. The thing that bothers me the most is the blatant disregard from magazines about trying to identify and understand ALL their readers.While I skim through Allure, Elle, Marie Claire, In Style and many others, I am confronted by beauty spreads that show makeup for fair, medium, and dark complexions. As a Black woman, I know about the myriad of shades that Black women come in. I know that all of us do not fall into the “Dark” category these magazines like to lump us into. Truly, Black women could fit into each one of these categories provided; my mother is considered fair in the Black community, my father is labeled dark, and I, the product of these two people, am considered medium. The fact that for years these magazines have not decided to understand their readership who are not all of Caucasian, Asian, or Hispanic descent is baffling. Hair how-to’s like to label all Black hair as coarse, interesting since my daughter’s hair is far from that. How can it be that as fashion and beauty mavens we are being thrown together in one large “one size is supposed to fit all” pile and expected to work with it? I have grown tired of being a subscriber and supporter of magazines that do not cater to me. Some may say, well read Ebony or Essence, but where these two publications fall short is their lack of focus on fashion, which is what the others provide. It would be stellar to find a magazine to satisfy all of these needs. To not be lumped into one single category when I know that the beauty of Black people is our diversity. It is time for the magazine industry to stop being so eyes wide shut to the apparent dismissal of a portion of its readers. Or, perhaps it is time for me to create what I want to see.

Sound Off FLYY people; what would you like us to showcase here at FC2C? How-To’s for your hair texture, Beauty Tips, and more? Feel free to share and email us at flyycoast2coast[at]





2 thoughts on “Sounding Off: A Letter…

  1. I think it’s the latter of your article.. You hit the nail on its head… Create what you want to see!…. Many times WE truly are the change we want to see

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