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INSPIRED :: Eva Marcille

In 2005 Eva Pigford graced our TVs on Tyra Bank’s money-maker America’s Next Top Model. Eva outshined & outwitted her competitors to become the first Black woman to win the competition. She has come a long way since those days of honey dyed locks and experimental outfits, she is now a certified fashion force and her re-emergence as Eva Marcille has proven she is here for the long haul.

I am enamored with Eva’s platinum blonde pixie cut, if I wasn’t on the natural road to long hair don’t care I would be immediately running to my beautician to have this to my head. The color is stunning on her and short hair makes one’s beauty stand out even more. Don’t ever be afraid to let go of your hair, it will grow back, I promise!

Eva showcases how a bright lip can transform an outfit from typical to fabulous with the stroke of the stick, bright lips have been essential this summer to wardrobes. I’ve been looking for the perfect orange and lavender to add to my collection, this shade looks right up my alley.

When it comes to the red carpet Eva tends to knows what will be appropriate for the event, here she displays her knowledge of knowing her audience. At the French Connection for Sears event she wears something the relatable to the consumer. She looks great with her delicate choice in accessories. At the H&M event she knows she can put a little more pizzazz on her outfit and opts for lace. Perfect choice!

For days on the town, she knows how to incorporate just enough glam into her outfit to be perfectly dressed for L.A’s paparazzi lined streets. I loved the menswear look. White suits have been all the rage this season and Eva’s was giving just enough sexy to tone down the masculine nature. With turbans taking on a life of their own thanks to celebrity stylist June Ambrose, Eva executed the look terrifically.

I have enjoyed watching Eva go from pretty little LA girl to worldwide sensation. I look forward to seeing this FLYY girl around town & looking stellar with every step.





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