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INSPIRED :: June Ambrose

When it comes to being FLYY, June Ambrose has it down pat. Stylist to the stars, this turban wearing diva never ceases to inspire me. Each time I get a glimpse at Ms. Ambrose out and about in New York, I think to myself, “YESSSS!” But aside from her fashion hits the thing I admire the most about June is that she is proving that being a mother and businesswoman are not out of the realm of possibility and you can look amazing while doing it.

{June on the move} – I love that no matter if Ms. Ambrose is taking to the streets or to work with a client she never lets a walk in heels discourage her. I grow weary of women who don their Nike runners on the way to work only to change into their heels at the office. At the very least opt for cute flats! I also enjoy June’s affinity for hats. I am a hat lover, and sometimes a stylish hat is the perfect topper to an outfit.

{June and the Turban} – The turban has become a staple of June’s and with each snapshot I become more enamored with the look. I was really into head wraps in my latter teen years, the resurgence of them due to June is making me want to head to a thrift store and pick up some scarves to wear this fall. Don’t be surprised if my curls are hidden by turbans during the cold months, I love them!

{June the Rockmom} – Anyone who knows me knows I will say Baby D is my greatest accessory as well as my reward. There is nothing worse than seeing a mother who looks fabulous and lets their child look less than. June and Summer are the perfect fashionable mother-daughter pair. I love that June always has Summer looking just as amazing as she does. Children are a representation of where they come from, and just as June ensures that her image is up to par she is teaching Summer to do the same. I know that I instill in Baby D that first impressions matter and impressions last a lifetime. Make sure the impression you leave is a FLYY one. And I must say June does that every time.




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