LA Events / lesliecamille

All In A Day’s Work

Friday I had the opportunity to assist my great friend, Seth Brundle, on a photo shoot. Great time with photographer CW Jacobs and beautiful ladies. I loved being able to help put some looks together and watch everything come alive on film. I felt right at home. I look forward to being able to get involved more. Here’s a few shots from behind the scenes.

The beautiful & hilarious Cat Wilson. Watching her work was awesome, to see her focus and deliver flawless picture after flawless picture was definitely one of the many highlights of the day.

Seth and Daisy Oliver, great being able to put Daisy in some of the edgy pieces and shoot her on a roof downtown. To perch her on a platform covered in trash and turn it into art, was dope.

The man, SB at work, giving us a little entertainment after shooting from 3-10p the day was chock full of hilarious fashion moments.

Stay tuned for things coming soon! Stay FLYY! Live FLYYER.



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