I finally made it to the beach! The top priority on my “Cali Vaca To-Do List” and I made it. My mom, sister, Dreux and and I packed our beach bags and drove on down to Long Beach early Tuesday morning just in time for the afternoon heatwave. It’s never been my style to going swimming in the ocean so I just hung out on the towel and engrossed myself in my August novel “The Help”.



{AA bandeau top, F21 metallic bottoms, F21 shades, and Brooklyn hand-made earrings}

To avoid sticky, sandy hair at the end of the day, I braided my hair into two french braids and pinned them back out of my face so they wouldn’t unravel. This was also my swimsuit of choice this summer; finally a change from my usual animal print.



This summer was boggled down with a lot of working hard so taking a short trip of serenity was most definitely needed.

Peace & Blessings,







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