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Fashion’s Night Out – Los Angeles Style

This past Thursday was the annual kick-start to Fashion Week, Fashion’s Night Out. While Los Angeles doesn’t have all the glamour that New York offers there were a few things for us fashion folk here to get involved in. My girls and I stopped by the Beverly Center first to check out the fashion show put on by Macy’s. We dealt with a little issue trying to be seated but other than that, it was all right.

After the show, we headed down to Robertson to see what some of the store fronts would have going on. Our stop was the Falling Whistles events. Where we enjoyed some vodka tonics from Kanon Organic Vodka, which were quite tasty. I’m not typically a vodka drinker but it was surprisingly smooth and delicious.

All in all, I can say that I do hope in future years Los Angeles steps up the game for Fashion Night Out. There is so much potential for it to be an awesome evening and I don’t feel like we do enough for the cause. Here’s to next year being even better!


photos: 1. runway side at Beverly Center 2. Models – Flood 3. Falling Whistles 4. Fashion folks at FW event 5. Best friends 6. Resident FLYY Girl 

L. Camille


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