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INSPIRED:: The Mocha Manual

It’s that time again! Introducing my September novel written by Kimberly Seals-Allers. I’ve run into a bit of a weird place being right of school and not finding the right career position for myself as of yet. I know I have a knack at being creative and design is my niche; but working in a restaurant isn’t exactly where I envisioned myself. After working on my resume in Barnes and Nobles for a few hours I picked up this book in the entrepreneurial section that caught my eye because it was written byt African American woman. I’ve realized that being in your early 20s and being a little unsure of your life plan is okay. As long as I’m taking steps in the direction of success. Building my brand early is really the frame of mind I’m in so motivation is key!

Being an artist isn’t easy but following your heart is even harder. Courtney Robinson isn’t exactly a traditional girl though, and I’ve known that for quite sometime lol. All of the books I’ve read are available in local libraries and of course your local Barnes and Nobles. Getting out a rut was the first step…..tenacity is the second 😉



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