Cloudy Skies

This past weekend was quite eventful, my friends and I decided to have a toga party and it was a blast!! Until the end when someone decided to ruin our fun by slashing our tires. Totally uncalled for and so unnecessary. I woke up Sunday saying, I don’t want to focus on the things going wrong in my life right now. Instead I want to relish in this great fall day. What better to do that then to look cute!

When I can bring out my wool pants and not have a fear of sweating, it’s official that Fall is joining us. It’s my favorites season, when all the “real” clothes come out to play. Wools, hoodies, cashmere…oh my! I’m uber excited about new boots and other fall items I plan to add to wardrobe. Hope you all have a great week!



outfit: Wool Trousers x H&M || T-Shirt x Target || Grey Blazer x H&M || Cognac Wedges x ASOS || Accessories x XXI ||

One thought on “Cloudy Skies

  1. Love the pants cuzzo so cute! Sorry to hear about your car… ppl can be so stupid sometimes but glad your toga party was fun

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