Rojo y Amigas Mejor

A couple weeks ago my friends and I celebrated the birthday of another good friend of ours. His party was fun filled and adventurous just like we like them. The greatest part though was when we all showed up to the party wearing a different variation of the same outfit, unknowingly. The theme was red and black, I’m pretty certain this evening proved that we’re all way more connected than we think.

Ironically we even all almost wore our hair the same, to achieve this style you will need to create two large flat twists and leave a portion of your hair out in the front. After securing the two twists back you can opt to create a top knot bun or leave it out for a curly bang effect. This is my go to style when my hair is wet or hasn’t been twisted for a twist option. If you try it, let us know how it turns out!



outfit: Red bandage skirt x XXI || Lace Black blouse x Nordstrom Rack || Black Wedge booties x Steve Madden || Chain crossbody bag x TJ Maxx || Military Jacket x Nordstrom Rack (also seen here)

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