CourtneyNicohle / Staying FLYY

Staying FLYY F/W 2011

As the weather cools down here in the District I start thinking more and more of the stylish outerwear I’ll be sporting this brisk season. I’ve always been one for having multiple coats, jackets, and vests to play around with when I know that I can’t leave the house without a proper cover up. I’ve been inspired by SMYTHE, a Canadian label with extremely great taste when it comes to their outerwear.

They offer a plethora of well tailored blazers and wool coats all with an exaggerated masculine feel and sartorial look which I cannot get enough of.

Tweed Riding jacket

When the label launched in 2004 it was an instant success! Female fashionistas have been fans of the line the moment it hit the racks; something about its everyday feel and versatility that has driven its growth.

Fair isle Duffle


Hunting Jacket in Haze w. Caramel Leather

Lately I’ve fallen back in love with Menswear and actually prefer it to womens. The way their pants hang, tops give a loose whimsical feel, and the jackets are sometimes more stylish lol. With Smythe giving women their masculinity back, we’ve got nothing to worry about! I can’t wait until one of these is sitting pretty in my closet.

Tuxedo Blazer

Midi Jacket


Smoking Jacket in Emerald

This smoking jacket in emerald green is my favorite….how can you not love this color? Seriously.

Take this inspiration and flock to a clothing rack near you! maybe you can’t afford Smythe but that doesn’t mean you can’t know what’s the closest thing to it. Stay Flyy and Live Flyyer fashionistas.




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