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INSPIRED :: Atlantic – Pacific

First things first, forgive the absence! Many, many things going on in this transitional place in life but nonetheless staying FLYY is key! So stick with us, because we will only be getting better. Now on to the latest FLYY inspiration.

After perusing through some blogs I discovered, Atlantic-Pacific, style blog of Bee, fashion insider in San Francisco. Her style is wicked. Looking over her daily wares made me excited, enthralled, and had me drooling over my keyboard for hours. Here are some of my favorite looks.


I love a great striped piece, who doesn’t? The thing about stripes is ironically they can be paired with so many different patterns and colors, they aren’t as limited as people would assume. On top of that the collar on this jacket?? Amaze.

Denim. Leather. That is the makings of a bad ass outfit. The adding of the aviator and the pump just took this ensemble over the edge, I love it.

A pink color palette wouldn’t normally catch my eye, but the classiness of this outfit makes it something that I wouldn’t mind recreating. Plus that Celine bag is such a great staple piece.

Layering is so essential for the Fall and Winter in California, while we may not have a blistery white winter, it does get cold around these parts. And in order to be prepared for day to night – layering is key.  The chunkiness of this sweater plus the vest and the metallic broques, its the ideal look for casual chic.

Perfect spring day. Platforms. Dress. Anorak jacket = Love. Nothing like a cute shift dress and a scarf to make you look put together while still looking comfortable.

All in all, Bee’s style is the epitome of city chic to me. I love how she combines high and low so effortlessly to create a style that could take from coast to coast. She inspires me to FLYY.




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