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INSPIRED :: Erykah Badu

Ms. Badu. This eclectic, sassy, and ever so talented sister has a personal style that I find to be the perfect mixture of afrocentric and retro. It’s always a pleasure to see her ensembles because she’s not afraid to be herself; what I admire most about her actually.  When I had the opportunity to see her live in concert the energy was amazing. She really vibes well with her crowd.

I love how her outfit makes casual still look jazzy with her accessory choices, and those bangles, can I have them? Thanks!

With a statement piece like that bag, most of us would play down the rest of our outfit to make it the focal point. Notice how all of what she has on is bold and yet the bag still catches the eye.

Let’s learn from Erykah and take risks in our wardrobe too! It’s a way of freely being yourself and expressing who you are. One of my mottos is “be your personal style” because I believe everyone should.

Stay Flyy. Live Flyyer.



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