Black History Month / doubledose / INSPIRED

Black History Month- FLYY Fact

Annie Turnbo Malone, 1869-1957

As a child Malone noticed the differences in hair texture and developed an interest in straightening her own. Although she was unable to graduate from high school, her passion for creating a usable product that would no longer burn and damage African American womens’ hair outweighed any shortcomings in education.

Annie Turnbo Malone created the first chemical hair straightening product for African Americans in addition to promoting healthy lifestyle practices alongside her husband Aaron Malone. Malone was committed to community building and social welfare. In her lifetime she had opened a Poro College, a school promoting civic, religious, and social functions, helped build St. Louis’s Colored YWCA, and became an honorary member of ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY INCORPORATED.

Join FlyyCoast2Coast in celebrating this wonderful sister!

Stay Flyy. Live Flyyer.


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