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Recap: IFB Conference 2012


The fashion blogger community is growing increasingly more awesome as the months go on. We are the practical, real, and very influential voice that the design and fashion communities are beginning to benefit from immensely!

As it goes, Jennine Jacob, creator of the Independent Fashion Bloggers community HUB, went on to create the IFB Conference so that our virtual friendships and admiration could be expressed in person. For the past 2 years I have livestreamed the conference, but since I now live here in NYC, I got to attend! Leslie and I decided it would be a great idea to volunteer and that my friends is what I intended to do. Meeting all of the volunteers and fellow bloggers alike made for a great day at Milk studios.

H&M Harem pants. Vintage Purple suede boots. DIY scarf turned head wrap. Thrifted chunky chain

My headwrap and curls were a hit. But I must say, natural hair was represented very well at IFBcon!

In true eclectic fashion I showed up with a mess of curls on my head and lots of color. The day was successful ( I’m measuring by the mass amount of business cards that spilled out of my bag at day’s end lol). Can’t wait until next year.

Until then, a big HI THERE and HELLO to our new followers and friends. Don’t be a stranger we’d love to chat with you.





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