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INSPIRED:: Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe. The Queen of the ArchAndroid herself, an expressive and natural beauty who has taken the music world back to a time reminiscent of the retro era. Whenever you see her she’s usually sporting a large pompadour and a simple palette of black slacks, white tuxedo blouse complete with tie, and tops it off with men’s insired dress shoes.

One may wonder, “Does she ever wear anything else? She bores me.” As a rebuttal to such statements, I share that perhaps it is her way of causing audiences to not focus so much on what is on her rather than what is coming out of her. Which unarguably is pure talent; the girl can sing! I first saw her perform live at Howard Homecoming 2007 during the intermission of Fashion Show II, her popularity was low but her energy was high and personally, I became a fan that night.

If you never knew a black&white palette could draw so much attention, I urge you to pay attention. Whether Monae is on stage, the red carpet, or the cover of your favorite magazine; she’s FLYY effortlessly.

check out my personal “Janelle Monae” inspired look here

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.



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