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INSPIRED:: Solange Knowles

She’s come a long way from golden braids and being known solely known as “Beyonce’s little sister”, the now DJ/musician/rising fashionista has found her place in the world. And as we all know, good things come to those who wait.

Solange began capturing my attention when she came out with her debut album that was polar opposite from anything her sister would produce. I’m not exactly what you’d call a Beyoncé fan…no shade. She’s pretty and can hold a note but thats about it. She lacks every bit of a “WOW” factor. So when baby sister chopped off her hair and began her journey of self expression, I was following her every move.

As an advocate for natural hair and beauty I find it inspiring that a woman in the media’s forefront has decided to unapologetically be herself. The looks that Solange pieces together and the confidence she wears along with them are every bit of why she is in my top list of style inspirations.

Recently Solange has been gaining quite a bit of media exposure having graced the cover of Roller Coaster magazine, blogging her look-a-day for British Vogue, and sharing her style inspiration secrets with the L.A. Times. (you can read about it here) She’s definitely making a way for herself with style and grace.




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