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Lately I’ve been looking for inspiration in many places and I’ve been coming up short. So I decided to take a look at clothes for the mini lady around these parts, and boy oh boy did some keepers pop up!!

Typical places for me to shop for Baby D are Target, H&M, Gap, and TJMaxx but I am in need of some new stops on our ventures.

JCrew – CrewCuts: Preppy clothes for in tiny sizes, I love them!! Below are some of my favorite choices. All of these pieces are soo FLYY and I would love to scoop them up.

No lady can ever have too many pairs of shoes even little ladies. Minnetonka Trampers, Native Slip-Ons, Jack Parcell Metallic Tennies, Glitter Birks?!?! How CUTTTEE! I’m also a sucker for a jacket, it brings an outfit together even a small one.

It looks like I’ll be making a trip to Crewcuts soon to lace Baby D with some dope threads. Where do you shop for the wee ones in your life??

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.


[pc: jcrew.com]



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