Accessorize Me

The purpose of accessorizing is bringing life and fun to an otherwise ‘normal’ ensemble. It is what truly separates fashionistas from one another; what can be seen here may be worn different there. Personality dictates how and why you choose to play up your daily outfits the way you do, and that of course is the beauty of style.

One of my favorite accessory lines out right now is Lizzie Fortunato Jewels. The sister duo are based here in New York City, finding inspiration for their collections off of travels bringing a unique outlook to the jewelry scene. Young, passionate, and creative, the Fortunato sisters have struck gold. Their newest collection SS2012 takes us to mid-century Southern California. Inspired by the Palm Springs based Kaufmann Desert House,  the pieces reflect warm hues, bold geometric patterns, with mixed textures of wood, metal, and yarns.










I certainly got some DIY inspiration from quite a few of their pieces. What do you think of the collection? Let’s talk!




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