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{Naturally FLYY} :: Hair It Is, Hair It Is

Before I get into talking about the awesome new hair product I started using this week, I’d like to say HELLO AGAIN! I haven’t had a camera in quite some time so in case you’ve forgotten what I look like, read on, and it’ll jog your memory.

Recently I have been running into moisturizer issues, which for a natural hair gal, can become quite redundant.  I like leave-in conditioner but wanted to use a less watery product. I decided to try Palmer’s Hair Milk because in the past Coconut Shampoo and Conditioners gave my hair much-needed revitalization. Last night I sprayed a little water on my mane, parted my hair into roughly 4 sections and spread the hair milk out by combing it through my hair from root to tip. I felt a difference in texture almost immediately. Completing the look by putting 2-strand flat twists into my hair and wrapping them in a silk scarf.

The next morning my hair was soft to the touch and had a lustrous bounce. I recommend trying Palmer’s Hair Milk if you are experiencing any issues with holding moisture, detangling, and natural curls that don’t look greasy or wet. It gave me a great full look.




3 thoughts on “{Naturally FLYY} :: Hair It Is, Hair It Is

  1. Thanks for the tip! I’m going natural again for the summer and currently use Jane Carter’s Solution sculpting conditioner and salve to stretch curls. These work great with the Dr. Miracle’s conditioner which helps detangle my curls. I would love to try Palmer’s Hair Milk since the Carol’s Daughter Milk sometimes leaves my hair a bit hard.

    Thanks again!

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