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Sea Breeze

What is summer without beach days? The heat wave that hit New York earlier this week was nothing more than an excuse to be on someone’s shore, and that’s precisely where you could find me! Easy breezy sundress, bikini, and rainbows all in tow.

Riis Park in Far Rockaway turned out to be a pretty nice beach despite people’s comments of East Coast beaches being subpar. Crowded? Yes. Scolding sand? Oh my gosh, yes. Fresh tan? Duh! I was laid out with not a care in the world and I almost felt like I was back home at Dockweiler Beach for a second. So maybe the Atlantic Ocean isn’t so bad after all.

A view of Far Rockaway as we crossed the bridge

My favorite new summer accessory c/o Target

⎢⎢ Gypsy Sundress x Vintage ⎢ Bikini x American Apparel ⎢ Sandals x Rainbows ⎢⎢

⎢⎢ Naturally FLYY ⎢ Two-Strand Twist Out using Palmer’s Coconut Milk ⎢⎢


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