CourtneyNicohle / Outfit of the Day

Tribals + Candids + iTunes

Summer mornings on my way to work have been dubbed as “me” time. Sometimes just praying on the way to the train station, talking to my beau, or in this case taking time to listen to Frank Ocean’s newest sound wave Channel Orange. I’m quite fond of it actually. Although it’s a little too early to choose my favorite song, “Thinkin’ About You” is creeping to the top, because I’m always thinking about forever.

⎢Tribal Skirt x DIY ⎢ Sweater Tank x Buffalo Exchange ⎢ Architectural Wedges x Thrifted ⎢

⎢⎢Naturally FLYY ⎢⎢ Dark N Lovely x Vivacious Red ⎢⎢

A few of my favorite things this week? My new red hair, this beautimous tan, and my new bird earrings (post coming soon).

Happy Hump Day lovelies!




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