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Ok. Fine. Do Over.

This past weekend was a mixture of BBQ and daytime drinking. Otherwise know as a damn blast! I spotted this top a couple times before I actually bought, the day I finally purchased it my mother said, “That’s the perfect shirt for you, it’s exactly what you say ALL the time.” HA! Thanks Mom? Anyway if any of you are ever in LA, you have to go to the Do Over on Sundays, perfect day party. I’ve been going for years now and while I must say I miss the original quaintness of the event it is still definitely a great time. I only snapped a few shots because I was having too much fun.



This last shot I just thought was funny because I was clearly caught off guard…yipes! I hate candid photos!!!


outfit: (outfit 1) T-Shirt x XXI || DIY Cutoffs x True Religion || Bag x Betsey Johnson || Sandals x Steve Madden || Accessories x XXI — (outfit 2) Tank x XXI || Maxi Shirt x Foreign Exchange || Sunnies x Nine West || Sandals x Nine West || Bag x Foreign Exchange || Accessories x Love Culture/XXI


stay FLYY. live FLYYER.



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