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INSPIRED :: Tamu McPherson

Let’s play superlatives!

Most Likely To: stop their career in law to pursue a life of fashion


Most Likely To: be photographed whilst photographing another fashionable being

Most Likely To: Boldly sport a mixture of colors and patterns alike
Most Likely To: be caught in style during Fashion Week
Most Likely To: Brighten up even the most lackluster of days
Tamu McPherson. A woman with an eclectic aura who is never without her Canon! I can’t discount my love for Tamu’s street style, it’s what it appears to be. Effortless. In a video interview with Vogue Italia black, Tamu says, that when pulling together a look for the day she envisions a piece from her closet and it all comes together something like that.  “I love dressing up: today I want to be a business man, but tomorrow, maybe, I want to be a ballerina.”
With her career objective beginning in law and finance it’s hard to believe that Tamu McPherson is the new Online Editor for Grazia.It. The stars aligned for her destiny to become a full time street style photographer and blogger for not only her personal blog, but for Elle Italia and Italian Glamour as well. Her style is complete with a beautiful smile; every time. She moved from the gritty New York City streets 5 years ago to Milan, Italy and hasn’t looked back. She now has a family of her own there, not to mention a dream career. It’s safe to say Mrs. McPherson won’t be packing up to see Lady Liberty anytime soon. Well, besides Fashion Week, of course!
I’m a firm believer that your purpose will make room for you. Whatever it is. 

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