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{Naturally FLYY} Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy -Product Review

Experimenting with various hair care products and techniques alike, are all apart of what us naturals refer to as “the journey”. The journey to discovering what it takes to properly maintain your mane and display it in all of its glory. This week I decided it was time to switch up shampoo and conditioning regimens because my hair has been particularly dry. Paul Mitchell tea tree conditioner has been in my routine for about 4 months now, as well as a sunflower extract shampoo I found at Target. After seeing an add for the new Clear products in EBONY magazine I wanted to try them out for myself.


Before shampooing I used a natural remedy suggested by L.Camille; an apple cider vinegar rinse. I added 3 tbs. of apple cider vinegar and warm water to my spray bottle, shook it up, and saturated my hair with it. After about 10 minutes I rinsed and proceeded to shampoo.


I added my conditioner, parting my hair into 4 sections and combing it through from root to tip. This helps to spread the conditioner throughout your hair (even to parts you sometimes miss).

The end result was a soft, easy to comb mane. Just how I like it! I also experimented with a new style….sure wish I ‘d remembered to snap some pictures, but the next time I do it, I will remember.

Try these products ladies if your in the market for a new wash and condition regimen, I thoroughly enjoyed them.




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