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Staying FLYY :: A Profile on Emeli Sandé




Emeli Sandé is the UK’s newest young talent. A songstress and songwriter who has become a favorite of both Alicia Keys and Adele. With a Zambien background, this Scottish girl has one of the most captivating voices I’ve heard in a while, and after her “Rockstar Makeover”, the same can be said for her appearance.

Sandé won a Brit Award this year prior to the release of her debut album Our Version of Events, which the singer describes as being intimate and soulful. For the past couple of years Sandé has been behind the scenes on the music radar; writing songs and well being “behind the scenes”. Now that she’s performing herself and gaining a following, she says the days are going by faster and faster.


I enjoy her minimalistic style. It’s refreshing and not overdone. Going from a dark brown, almost black head full of hair to the short risky blonde bombshell that she now is made her appear more interesting. The funnest part about being an industry professional is having a glam squad at your disposal; might as well take advantage, right?

I urge you all to take time out to listen to Emeli Sandé’s new album Our Version of Events as it doesn’t disappoint. Don’t worry, as much as I love Adele, this is not a sappy love album about the worst heartbreak a young bloke could experience. But rather a look into how the artist is coping with becoming a phenomenon and staying true to self along the way.






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