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Trending in My world

I may be just about the only person who’s not uber excited about Fall. Yes the fashion is impeccable, the weather is crisp, and all the rugrats who have been crowding the subway at the most inopportune times of day will be back in school; but I’m just not ready for shorter nights and a coat!

In a mission to salvage my remaining weeks of sun and rooftop indulgence, I couldn’t help but put together a list of things currently trending in my atmosphere.

1. A view of the Downtown City skyline from Brooklyn Heights Promenade

2. Bright neons, big hair, and 0 layers

3. A ginormous sunflower that I pass everyday on my way to work 

4. Rooftop functions. This is a Flamenco dancer at a launch party for GriddyCity on a SoHo rooftop

5. My Anglomania + Melissa kitten heels in Pearl Blue and Baby Pink

6. After redecorating my room I found this picture that served as a lovely inspiration

Although we are no longer experiencing warm summer nights because the August breeze has already set in; I’m still cherishing the long days. Without a doubt I make sure everyday is summer wardrobe appropriate. Once you pack up all of the Spring and Summer goodies, they’re gone for a while. Don’t worry though, this California princess has learned to appreciate the 4 seasons – in my own world of course!


Stay Flyy. Live Flyyer.



One thought on “Trending in My world

  1. Courtney! All of these things are PERFECT! Literally the best description of summer in NYC! I’m gonna miss it!

    Luckily, the summer will still be around for a few more weeks if we are lucky…tomorrow it’s supposed to be 90!

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