CourtneyNicohle / Naturally FLYY

{Naturally FLYY} Get the Look: Curls with Purpose

One of my all time favorite hairstyles is my curly fro! It takes more time but the extra effort transpires into a bounce that I can not get enough of. This style can easily be achieved with wet or dry hair, minimal products, and depending on how you like curls – a blow dryer.

You will need 3 things:

1) Flexi Rods ( I use 4 packs and a combination of sizes)


2) Motion’s Foam Setting Lotion


3) A blow dryer if your hair is wet


Part hair down the middle, this way you have 2 large sections. Next, grab hair about 2 fingers thick – apply setting lotion and wrap around flexi rod. Do this until full head is covered.


I always do my curly fro with dry hair because I have such a messy mixture of texture when I leave it wet, but some like the hold of using a blow dryer. I prefer an overnight natural dry.

Then I remove my rods…


Finger comb my curls to define my style…and VIOLA!


Get your curls some purpose! Stay FLYY.Live FLYYER.





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