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Staying FLYY: Printed Jeans

Printed Jeans
This fall printed jeans are all the rage, put away those classic blues that usually hold us through the cold months and bring some life to your chilly days! I love a great print and I am so excited that jeans are getting a face life this season. How cute are these options?? I can’t wait to pair a sweater and ankle booties with that tribal print pair from H&M. What do you think of this trend? Tell us how you’re going to rock your FLYY jeans!!
1. H&M Jeans — $24
2. H&M Jeans — $24
3. MissSelffidge.com — $70
4. Jordan Jeans by Motel — $77
5. J Brand MidRise Capri — $220
6. Current/Elliott — $127
7. PAIGE Verdugo — $205
8. MOTHER Denim — $270
stay FLYY. live FLYYER.
L. Camille

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