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{FLYY Goods} Trend Overload – Peplum!

I must pose a question that has been boggling my brain for the past couple of weeks. When does a trend become too trendy?!

Peplum has been trending for 3 seasons now, and I’m convinced there is a version of it in every dress, top, and skirt that has been designed since its debut. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of the faux waist fad as well. But at what point do we, first, realize that everyone should not be wearing peplum, and second, that women do not have to wear it on the morning run and to dinner that evening; do you have peplum pajamas as  well?After watching the Emmys last Sunday and noticing that quite a few women wore variations of the style on the red carpet I had  quite honestly become bored with the entire style. I  looked forward to the more unpredictable, less contemporary looks.

I have always been a fan of being original because carbon copies come a dime a dozen. Not to mention I am an avid thrift and vintage shopper, with this in mind I am able to rotate my closet with pieces which have held their timeless beauty and will continue to be haute as long as street couture runs rapid in my blood. We’re all flyy in our way, even you trendy fashionistas. I’ve got love for you all!

Are there any styles your bored with? Please share.




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