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{FLYY Goods} — Our Talk With Tracee Ellis Ross

On Tuesday we were granted the great pleasure of being able to talk life, hair, and happiness with one of the women we admire most, Tracee Ellis Ross. Daughter of dynamic diva, Diana and a charming diva in her own right, Tracee took the time to talk with us about the launch of her new website,

A site she calls “a collection of things that make her heart sing…” is a menagerie of all things beauty, spirit, fashion and hair related. What Ross intends on bringing to the internet space is a place where like minded “joy seekers” and “style lovers” can come and convene. Currently the material on the site is completely from her but eventually she does look for it to become a community. Right now she’s sees the site as another way to connect with people just she has been able to do by way of social media. Fielding questions from fellow bloggers, MaeChristinaJanellDanielle, and I all asked her things we’re sure many of you want to know.

Tracee, ever the eloquently spoken yet down to earth person she is, made each of us feel like we had known her for years. She says regarding her style, “It really depends on how I want to feel. Some days it’s extravagant or it’s for comfort, it all depends on how I feel.” To which I think we can all agree. Some times our style can’t be described in words but merely in how we feel when we run to our closets. When asked “Where does your inspiration come from?” Ross states that it comes from a variety of places, “I could get inspiration from a flower for godsake!”, or magazines that she’s had since the 80s, from Pinterest (noted as her favorite website currently), and of course the from the fashion icons she admires; the Hepburns – Audrey and Katherine, Diana Vreeland, and her mother. “Obviously my mother is one of my main inspirations from a practical sense, because I take all her sh*t…” Don’t you love her?!

I asked Tracee specifically about her hair journey, she shared how her family had moved to France when she was 12 and about her attending boarding school in Switzerland noting how she felt about her hair during this time. To this she replied, “The hair on our head is an intimate relationship and it may not always agree with the categories we are exposed to, so it makes it tough to push back against them. Beauty is  very spiritual because it is when someone or something is at the peak of its authenticity, and women should spend time asking themselves what they are and what their hair wants to be. I discovered how to look pretty by trial and error. There are so many ways to do that; amazing hats, beautiful scarves, wigs — you have to discover the peak of your beauty.” 

Tracee says of her internet persona, she is not a avid surfer but this is the reason she loves Twitter and Pinterest. “I can read the first line of an article and click through the link, rather than combing through the New York Times,” herself. “Pinterest is like magic! I can click a picture and it will take me to another site, I love that.” Her site was built in response to what people had been asking of her and she wants it to remain authentic in every aspect. To inspire, share, and celebrate who we are and cultivate a place where that can take place.

It was truly an awesome experience to speak with Ms. Ross on her new venture, her hair journey, and her style. Here’s to her site growing in all its glory! Thanks Tracee!

Head over FLYY people and check her out!

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.

L. Camille


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