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{FLYY Goods} TOMS Get Political

The popular espadrilles brand has taken political fashion to another level with their special edition “VOTE” TOMS. There’s nothing like getting the masses to support the Primary Election than wearing it on your….feet?

Whether you are Democrat, Republican, Bi-Partisan, or you just want to let the world know that you are indeed registered. Although I am not the most political person on the planet, I do enjoy getting involved in the nation’s most important decision every  four years. These are awesome! Very bold as well, especially if you decide to sport the party-specific styles, but who’s judging you?

TOMS became a favorite shoe brand of mine years ago when (after discovering their innate comfort for a flat footed individual such as myself) I found out that I am buying two pairs of shoes, 1 for me and 1 for a little cutie somewhere that I’ll never meet.

Support your candidate and support America. If neither of these theories tickle your fancy you can always lean on the simple fact that a shoe-less child in a 3rd world country will benefit from your support. Either way you swing, remember to Stay FLYY.




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