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Staying FLYY…at a fall wedding

While summer is usually the time when nuptials are frequent, I am personally a huge fan of fall weddings. I know when my day arrives I want to be surrounded by loved ones, the outdoors, and a chill in the air. At the end of this month I am lucky enough to stand next to one of my close friends as she takes her leap and I figured I would share some tips for some guests!
Summer weddings are chock full of pastels and sweetness but fall gives an opportunity to enhance the colors a bit. It is never appropriate to upstage the bride but it is always okay to be FLYY. Below you will find some options I think are perfect.

Staying FLYY...at a fall wedding

Tea length dresses I believe are the best choices for events like weddings because they are feminine and comfortable. I’m not a proponent of wearing a maxi dress to these occasions, save the long garb for the wedding party. If you want to go for something funky yet not overpowering a harvest-esque floral option 1 would be ideal. 3/4 length sleeves and a couple layers, & fringed boots are an awesome look for an outdoor ceremony. Option 2 could work for an evening affair especially if it’s in an upscale environment, sass it up a bit with booties. Option 3 works splendidly for a garden occasion the wind would blow ever so lightly through these ruffles paired with booties or leopard pumps, throw in a bow for a touch of sweetness. Option 4 brings color blocking to fall and can be worn in any space. Finally option 5, a classic sheath in this season’s go to color – oxblood/ burgundy can be worn to a traditional church wedding. 
With any option keep your accessories to a minimum as weddings are a time for dainty and ladylike elements. You don’t want to distract from the beauty of the wedding with over zealous jewelry. I am loving these “kiss me” studs, how appropo!
You can head over to polyvore to check out all items for brand and pricing information.
stay FLYY!! live FLYYER.
L. Camille

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