CourtneyNicohle / Outfit of the Day

Busy Being Awesome!

Being a busy bee and working about 6 days a week, it’s nice to just relax and forget about the heels, cashmere sweaters, and “looking the part”. It’s important to still be able to pull off great style when you’re on the go. Working in an industry where things are constantly moving plus freelancing can be slightly strenuous at times and I find that when I have a day off, I don’t want to look put together. Is that weird?!

|Raincoat x thrifted | Screen Tee x thrifted | Sneakers x Air Jordan Cement 3’s | Bag x Puma |

Side story: I haven’t straightened my hair since January, thus I was in dire need of a change and a trim. My trim actually transpired into a full blown haircut. NOT THE PLAN! But it’s important to put your hairs health before its length so I followed my stylists advice, and got layers. Wow, huge change lol. Although my hair didn’t stay straight very long (as you can see on this particularly rainy day) my curls are back; better than ever!

Be inspired and Stay FLYY.



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