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INSPIRED :: Elaine Welteroth

Breaking into the publishing business with her start at Ebony as the beauty and style editor, Elaine Welteroth has gone on to grace the masthead at Glamour Magazine as Sr. Beauty Editor and now will be making her mark at Teen Vogue serving as Health & Beauty Director. For a young black girl aiming for a life in the magazine world, Elaine can be your inspiration.


With her stylish curly hair and gorgeous smile Welteroth is an beacon for natural girls all over. Being naturally FLYY is one of the key elements to making her a top contender in fashion.






Seen above rocking her tresses in a variety of styles, Elaine shows how curly hair can versatile in any occasion. What I enjoy the most about Elaine’s style is her constant lean toward pieces that are ladylike. Hints of elegance consistently surround her outfits of choice. With a statement necklace, classic bangles, and stud earrings; no one item is overpowering her clothing. Slimming silhouettes show that she knows what works best on her body. Love it!


The moments when the Teen Vogue director steps out of the box she still knocks it out of the park. With floral patterns, stacked heels, top knots and buns her chic continues to shine through in every ensemble.


Congrats to Elaine on snagging her new amazing role at Teen Vogue, I’m looking forward to seeing what she will bring to a publication that I subscribed to all through my teen years. Way to go FLYY girl!!

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.

L. Camille

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One thought on “INSPIRED :: Elaine Welteroth

  1. We were pretty shocked when we heard that Teen Vogue ‘s beloved beauty and health director Eva Chen would be leaving the magazine . Not to mention curious as to who would take over what is probably considered by many to be the dream job of dream jobs. And we just found out!

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