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Staying FLYY…At Thanksgiving Dinner

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It’s time to give thanks and more importantly…EAT! But of course our first order of business is what to wear for the feast.  Depending on how you and yours like to celebrate you may have a fancy schmancy sit down affair or a casual dinner where football and yelling are on the menu and we’ve got you covered.

For a casual dinner it’s smart to still be put together and comfortable, to achieve this my favorite go to item is a palazzo pant. Airy, light, and spacious enough so after you pack those yummies in you don’t have to sit about with your pants unbuttoned. (Please don’t do that) Pairing these with a tee or an embellished sweater will give you just enough pizazz for the day. Complete with a pair of flats, stacked jewelry, a small duffle purse and you’re done!

Now for the more snazzy affair it is ideal to still wear something that you can be comfortable in when the food coma comes over you but still look dazzling. My pick is a dress that conceals the stomach for obvious reasons. Pair up with a simple coat that brings the entire look together. Add a pair of pumps and keep your accessories easy. You’ll be a hit whilst you give thanks and enjoy your company. Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful holiday!!

head over here for specific prices on items.


L. Camille

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