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Retro Baby

Every now and then amidst 45 degree temperatures in the first week of December, Mother Nature will bless us with a whopping 60 degrees. As my heart smiles I have no other choice but to be outside. So, I decided the other day that I’d spend my day off taking pictures and just soaking up the warmth.


⎜Tank x MFK ⎜ Wool Sweats x ZARA ⎜ Shoes x Air Jordan Retro 10 ⎜Leather fanny pack x American Apparel ⎜

May I just state that this fanny pack is pure awesomeness! Like, I totally understand why people used to carry these and mine is all black, all leather with suede interior (gaaaaah). I couldn’t leave the store without it. This nifty tank top was designed by my friend MFK, other products available at Check him out.







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