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Staying FLYY…in chunky knits

Staying FLYY...in chunky knits

I’m going to be honest I love a great sweater and I often find myself wanting to wear them especially after all kinds of dope inspirational images pop up on Pinterest but truth is it’s a tad difficult to do when you’re a top heavy girl. For fear of not wanting to look like I’m going to bust or just like my chest is a part of my chin, I steer clear.  Yet I still long for a chunky knit on these cold dreary days, above are a few I’d pick for my closet.

  1. Heartbreaker Sweater – J.Crew
  2. ASOS Christmas Jumper — ASOS
  3. Nordic Sweater – AliExpress.com
  4. Bateau Button – Madewell
  5. Jumper – H&M
  6. Spotted Snowball Sweater – Madewell
  7. Jumper – H&M
  8. Knitted Chunky Fair Isle Jumper – Topshop

Check out my Polyvore page for all pricing!

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.


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