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I was so thrilled to be in California for the latter part of November, a nice break from the threatening cold temperatures meant that everything I’d tucked away until Spring had a revival! I was so thirsty to wear bare legs and no jacket.



⎜Hat x F21 ⎜ Maxi Skirt x AA ⎜ Power Tee x Flea Market ⎜Leopard Flats x random ⎜




I’m one of those people that has random pieces for whenever my outfit may need a little ummph. These leopard flats happen to be one of my favorites. Extremely comfortable, neutral enough, and if you don’t love animal print than you’re crazy! Oddly enough I am not much of a hat person although  snagging this from Leslie’s closet proved to be quite the savior. The best part about having a sister is double the closet.



This time I added Boyfriend Jeans and a bright striped blouse. Mixing patterns is risky but it’s fun. My hair is 2-week old press that I put in flexi rods the night before. Very curly and cute as a bang underneath this hat.



Stay Flyy. Live Flyyer.





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