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{Second Time Around} Thrifting Chronicles IV



I am a certified hibernator. Cold? Me? HA! So, I’ve taken up 2 winter activities, Dutch and guitar. I opted for a cheaper version of Rosetta Stone from Brooklyn Public Library. I want to spend a small portion of my youthful years in The Netherlands and being that I’m Californian and speak Spanish, I could use the busy work.



⎜ Faux Fur x Zara ⎜ Flannel x Thrift ⎜ DIY Denim Shorts x Thrift ⎜ Riding Boots x Vintage ⎜




I found these really awesome riding boots a few weeks ago. I’d been searching everywhere for a descent pair of low black boots. Of course vintage, my hearts desire, saved the day.

Stay Flyy. Live Flyyer.




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